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Sensitive Laundry Powder

No artificial fragrances. If you want flowers – go pick some!

– Biodegradable. All natural ingredients. Better for you. Better for nature.

– Rinses thoroughly – leaves no residue on the fabrics. Fabric softeners are neither needed nor recommended.

– Low suds formula. Easy rinsing. Saves time and money.

– Never tested on animals, only on teddy bears.

– We do not use: Phosphates, Optical brighteners, Synthetic surfactants and other harmful chemicals.

ONLY FOUR INGREDIENTS: Coconut butter based handmade soap, washing soda, borax and  baking soda.

DIRECTION FOR USE/DOSSAGE:  1TBSP per normal load; 2 TBSP per heavy soiled load and/or hard water

The test performed with 100% cotton baby allover. Allover washed in a commercial detergent, at recommended levels gained almost 2% in weight after only 10 washing cycles. Those washed with My Skin Detergent gained no measurable weight. This proved that hypo-alergenic fabrics washed with My Skin Detergent, which shows to leave no residues, will remain so when washed with My Skin Detergent.