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The concept of My Skin Sensitive Babywear is to offer effective, affordable and beautifully designed specialized baby clothes which do not have the traditional “medical look”.  This makes both children and parent feel happier and more comfortable without compromising the therapeutic effects of the clothes.

My Skin Sensitive clothing is a revolution in management of dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions.

My Skin is changing lives.

This fabric allows the skin to breath, controls temperature and humidity. Thus reducing itching and controlling flares.

My Skin should be worn continuously to help control eczema, reduce the frequency and severity of skin flares.

My Skin does not replace conventional treatment. It is used alongside it.

My Skin has natural anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to control the symptoms of eczema.

Seamless technology – no threads touching and scratching the skin.

Some of the benefits of My Skin Sensitive Clothing are:

– Children itch less, sleep better and are aware and attentive during the day
– Parents get more continuous sleep and struggle less with their children and medications
– Eczema flares are less severe and less frequent when wearing MySkin
– Fewer flares mean fewer trips to the hospital

We recommend that you wash My Skin Sensitive clothing with My Skin Natural Washing Powder.


The fabric used for My Skin Sensitive is Lyocell. Lyocell is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. Since the textile has a smooth surface, the softness makes an appreciable difference and prevents irritations to the skin . Thus, Lyocell promotes an optimal skin feeling thanks to the smooth fiber surface. Rough fiber surfaces can cause skin irritations. Compared to the fiber surfaces of cotton and wool, it is clear that Lyocell is much smoother and softer on the skin and can absorb larger amounts of moisture whilst remaining dry on the surface. Lyocell retards bacterial growth.


– The cut of the range provides seamless designs –                          – No zippers touching the skin

   no internal rims                                                                                    – Easy to put on

– No snap buttons touching the skin                                                  – Additional buttons between the legs for longer use


– The antibacterial agent is CHITOSAN – a natural and harmless substance, extracted from the shell waste of crustaceans and even used as food additive

– The agent is permanently bond to the fabric

– The agent is active against Gram-positive and seven Gram-negative bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus – the most common problem with eczema and dermatitis


We are Dessi and Dimitar – the founders of Angel Baby™ (www.angel-baby.eu) – a brand, dedicated to producing high quality baby clothing and textiles.

In 2016, struggling with Dessi’s an year old son’s persisting asthma, we happened to meet a mother from Poland, whose baby boy Szymek had a severe dermatitis at that time. She told us her story full of battles. How the little baby scratches himself to blood, and how she could not find special clothes for him…

As a baby clothes manufacturer, we decided that we wanted to help.

So, then we started to work on affordable special clothing for babies with skin conditions and premature babies. We came to the idea to impregnate the fabric with a natural antibacterial agent. After almost 10 months of research, we came to the decision that the most suitable substance for this purpose is Chitosan.

We developed the cuts of the clothes together with the oldest maternity hospital in Sofia. For us this is not just a business project, it is a cause, that we believe will change people’s lives.


Angel Baby Ltd., Sofia Bulgaria

office@angel-baby.eu \  Tel: +359 884 44 91 94